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The Latest Toys for 2015: What to Buy Your Kids
Parents often struggle when trying to decide what toys to buy their children. The younger children are usually more interested in the box the toy was packed in rather than the toy itself; leaving parents to wonder why they spent so much on a shiny toy when all they had to do was get the old refrigerator box out of the garage to please their young children.

Buying toys for older children presents a different set of problems entirely. Parents usually overestimate their knowledge of fads and trends, and end up buying their teen children an expensive gift that they immediately shove in a closet after saying, “that toy is so yesterday, mom!”

We have compiled a list of the most popular toys at this moment to act as a guide for parents struggling to decide what to buy their children. These toys are in vogue now, but we cannot promise how long they will remain hot items. So run out and buy them now, so you can avoid potential toy-buying mistakes.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 0-12 Months: Lamaze Toys Play and Go Captain Calamari
Designed to capture a baby’s imagination and stimulate their senses, this toy is brightly colored and includes rattles and rings for the child to explore. Captain Calamari was the 2015 “Moms Love it Award Winner” from *What to Expect*.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 12-24 Months: Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower
This scaled down plastic lawn mower replica is extremely detailed and will have your little one actually thinking they are mowing the grass like mommy and daddy. There are a variety of knobs, buttons, and noise-makers, on the lawnmower that will help with your child’s dexterity and imagination.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 2-4 Years: Little Tikes Tot Sports Easy Score Basketball Set
Little Tikes brand makes its second appearance on the list with its miniature basketball hoop. The oversize rim and small soft ball results in a game that is both safe and not overly challenging to the point that children get discouraged. This toy is a sure bet to increase hand-eye coordination and to teach the benefits of friendly competition.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 5-7 Years: Bicycle
This is the age range when children generally get their first bicycle. Parents can’t go wrong with this choice. Nearly every 5-7 year old child will ask for a bicycle specifically, making this the easiest age to buy for. Just remember to purchase a helmet as well. Although bicycles are beneficial to a child’s overall fitness and coordination safety precautions must be taught.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 8-11 Years: Scooter
Around this age, many children graduate from their first bicycle, and although some may ask their parents to purchase a larger bicycle, more and more kids in this age range are now asking for scooters. Scooters allow kids to do more tricks and provide them with a greater sense of identity than bicycles. At this point in time, most kids will feel more confident showing a shiny new scooter to their friends than a dated 10-speed bicycle.

Most Popular Toy for Children Age 12-14 Years: Just Ask Them
This is the difficult age we mentioned earlier. Children are starting to get a little more moody and emotional, and they are more likely to rebel against their parents a bit. They are also more in tune with the latest fads and trends, and would be mortified if their parents bought them something “uncool.”

What’s the solution? Just ask them what they want. If their request is reasonable, safe, and affordable, go out and buy it for them. This method eliminates all of the headaches of buying for a preteen.

Well, there you have it; those are the top toys for 2015. If you follow this guide, your shopping experience should be much less stressful

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