Buying a New Phone Online

Samsung galaxy s6- vs iphone 6

Buying a New Phone Online: What’s New in 2015?
Almost everybody these days has a smartphone. More than half the people in America purchase their phones online via their provider’s website or places such as Ebay and

There are about a million different types of phones on the market in which to choose from. If you like to purchase phones online, it may be even more difficult for you to choose which one has what you are looking for. So what is new in 2015? What makes any of these smartphones better than the rest? Well, you are about to find out…

IPhone 6 Plus
It is true, people who love Apple products always buy the latest and greatest iPhone. So when the iPhone 6 Plus came out, you better believe people were standing in line. It has a 5.5 inch display screen in full HD which makes it just about as amazing as the iPad mini. It has a great camera and really, there would be no reason to buy an iPad mini, because this is better.

It is definitely more expensive than your standard smartphone, but basically you are getting a tablet-sized phone without having to actually buy a tablet. Apple fans love it, no doubt about it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Ok, since we are talking big, we might as well talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. People who prefer android phones over iPhones love their Samsung Galaxies. The screen is 5.7 inches which is bigger and much sharper than the iPhone 6 plus.

It also has amazing specs, as well as an awesome camera. Most would even say the camera is much more diverse than the iPhone 6 plus, but who really knows for sure. All we really know for sure is that if you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you better have $300, cash in hand.

IPhone 6
You are probably thinking, “Didn’t we just talk about this one?” Nope. That was the iPhone 6 Plus. This one is just a wee bit different than the plus. It has a 4.7 inch screen which is not quite as big as the iPhone 6 plus but it has a lot more to offer. The camera works fast and takes bright and beautiful pictures without any hassle.

The size is different due to the fact that Samsung kept making their Galaxies bigger and bigger. But it very sleek and a lot less expensive than the iPhone 6 plus.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Ok, so it is kind of like the galaxy vs the iPhone. We get it, they are kind of similar but not really. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is bigger, better, and quite honestly, better than the iPhone.

It is quite a bit more expensive but has a high-quality camera and shoots brilliant film footage. It has a 5.1 inch screen that is really, hard to compete with especially knowing what all comes with this amazing smartphone. The picture is impeccable but the battery does tend to run down rather quickly, so keep your eye out for those outlets.

What’s the best phone to buy online?
iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy?

Well it really comes down to personal preference. Many consumers believe that the iPhone is much more user-friendly and has significantly more capabilities than the Samsung Galaxy. While others believe that it the Galaxy has less hoops for you to jump through to get stuff done.

Regardless, these are the highest quality smartphones on the market. They provide with everything you could possibly need when it comes to phones, internet, and picture and video. It all comes down to what you like best and where to find mobile deals online.

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