DeLonghi coffee machines

DeLonghi EN125

Making your own coffee at home is satisfying and over the past few years has become a common chore a lot of coffee-drinkers have been happy to do at home. It’s not just the cost savings, it’s knowing you made your own coffee with your own special twists that makes it so much more enjoyable to make your own coffee.

DeLonghi have ridden the wave of amatuer coffee makers wanting more features and capabilities for making coffee at home. There’s many variables to making your own coffee from a machine and extra features usually means extra cost so there’s a huge range of DeLonghi coffee machines to choose from. Think about how much control you’d like when making your coffee – do you like it simple or do you like to control every minor detail?

Function is one thing – style is another. And that’s another variable DeLonghi have concentrated on. Stylish machines look great in your kitchen, they’re a talking point, so consider the dimensions and space you have available along with colours.

DeLonghi EN125


Delonghi have also been trusted to make the famous Nespresso coffee machine which has become a worldwide phenomenon.  Nespresso capsules can simply be added to a slot in the machine and with some simple selections you’ll have cafe quality coffee in no time.

With so many options, take your time searching and browsing our range of coffee machines. Think about how much time and effort you want to make, along with your price point, and you’ll find a great product to suit all of your requirements.

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